Accelerating the commercialization of
California’s clean energy tech

Funded by the California Energy Commission, CalTestBed will provide $16.7M in testing vouchers to clean energy innovators to use at one of more than 70 world-class testing facilities throughout California.


Early-stage clean energy entrepreneurs face challenges in accessing testing facilities as they progress towards commercialization.

The CalTestBed Initiative is a voucher program that assists clean energy entrepreneurs in gaining access to critical testing facilities. It expedites their pathway to commercialization through connection to a network of next-level partners.

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how it works

Solicitation and Outreach

CalTestBed holds annual soliciations. Each application is reviewed for eligibility and scored by technical reviewers for the following criteria: Innovation, Scalability, Feasibility, and Market Potential.

Laboratory Consultation

Recommended applicants will conduct a consultation with a principal investigator, a campus representative and a neutral subject matter expert to develop a Statement of Work (SOW). The SOW will include scope, schedule and budget for the testing. Once the California Energy Commission reviews and approves the proposed SOWs, those voucher recipients will sign the contracting package and will work with their testing facility partners to schedule and begin their testing.

Customer Development and Commercialization

The CalTestBed Initiative hosts an annual symposium to bring the community together, feature voucher recipients, highlight our world-class testing facilities, and connect the innovators to next-level partners. The Initiative will also spotlight voucher recipients and their innovations through a variety of media and events throughout the year.

Award Benefits

Third Party Testing

CalTestBed offers a wide collection of assets, facilities infrastructure, and resources to clean energy entrepreneurs. Testing capabilities can be found in the CalTestBed Facilities Directory.

Commercialization & Customer Development

Voucher recipients will receive access to workshops, training, information about funding opportunities and will be featured in the CalTestBed Entrepreneur Directory. The companies will be highlighted at events and on social media, and will be introduced to next-level partners. The goal is to accelerate CalTestBed companies towards commercialization through pilot and demonstration projects, investment, and corporate partnerships, which will benefit California’s ratepayers.

Testbed Locations

The CalTestBed ecosystem offers more than 70 world-class TestBed facilities at 9 University of California campuses, and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

CalTestBed Facilities Directory 2023



Who can apply

California Companies

Companies/Entrepreneurs must have a base of operations in California

Technology Readiness Level 5-7

Applicants must have a prototype and technical readiness level (TRL) between 5-7.

Innovation Type and Category

Clean energy focused hardware and integrated solutions. Stand-alone software is NOT eligible.

EPIC Aligned

Innovations must be aligned with California Energy Commission's Electric Program Investment Charge (EPIC) funding priorities.