CalTestBed: The Nation’s Largest Clean Energy Testbed Ecosystem

Funded by the California Energy Commission, this initiative will provide $8.8M in testing vouchers to clean energy innovators to use at one of nearly 30 testing facilities throughout California.


Early-stage clean energy entrepreneurs face challenges in accessing testing and validation facilities as they attempt to progress from prototype to pilot and demonstration scale.

The CalTestBed Initiative is a voucher program that will assist clean energy entrepreneurs in gaining access to critical testing facilities and endeavours to expedite their pathway to commercialization through building a strong network with connections to companies and investors.

how it works

Solicitation and Outreach

CalTestBed will open up the first round of voucher applications in the first quarter of 2020. Each application will be reviewed for eligibility, and if eligible, they will be scored by technical reviewers for the following criteria: Innovation, Scalability, Feasibility, and Market Potential.

Voucher Recipients Pairing

Voucher applicants who score among the highest will be eligible for a consultation with a principal investigator, campus representative and a neutral subject matter expert to discuss the development of a Statement of Work (SOW), which will include scope, schedule and budget. Once the California Energy Commission reviews and approves the proposed SOWs, those voucher recipients will sign the User Agreement for Entrepreneurs and Voucher Recipient Agreement and will work with their testing facility partners to schedule and begin their testing.

Customer Development and Commercialization

The CalTestBed Initiative will host an annual symposium at the Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator to bring the community together, feature entrepreneurs who are conducting their testing in participating testbeds, highlight best practices, and connect companies and investors to the innovators in our network. The initiative will also make every effort to highlight voucher recipients and their innovations through a variety of media and events throughout the year.

Award Benefits

Testing & Verification

CalTestBed offers a wide collection of assets, facilities, infrastructure, and resources unequalled on a global scale to clean energy entrepreneurs. Testing capabilities can be found in the CalTestBed Directory.


Access to diverse California communities and partnerships within the California Energy Commission’s Innovation Ecosystem including the Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator, Bluetech Valley, Activate, and the Southern California Energy Innovation Center. Companies can also utilize the Empower Innovation Network which is the repository for clean energy community, events, funding opportunities and resources. To connect to the global clean energy network, the CalTestBed Community can connect with the New Energy Network slack channel.

Customer & Commercialization Development

Workshops, training, and information about funding opportunities will be shared. Ensuring exposure at events, featuring CalTestBed companies in media, and strategic introductions will be conducted. The goal is to provide opportunities for CalTestBed companies to connect to customers in order to demonstrate, pilot and deploy clean energy technologies for the benefit of California’s ratepayers.

Testbed Locations

Our ecosystem offers cutting-edge TestBed facilities from 9 University of California campuses, as well as The Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

CalTestBed Directory.pdf



Who can apply

California Companies

Companies/Entrepreneurs must have a base of operations in California

Ready-to-test Clean Energy Technologies

Innovations with a prototype and technical readiness level between 5-7

Innovation Type and Category

Clean energy focused hardware and integrated solutions that are covered by the testing capabilities of the participating testbeds. No stand-alone software is eligible.

EPIC Aligned

Innovations aligned with California Energy Commission Electric Program Investment Charge (EPIC) funding priorities